“Enrolling in Allen’s Academy and completing the grooming course has been one of the best investments I have made in my life. I decided to go back to work after my children were at a point in school that allowed some flexibility in my schedule. I came from an HR background and did not have much luck in the job market with the stagnant economy. I decided to try doing something I loved, working with animals. After looking at schools in the area, I enrolled in the summer grooming course at Allen’s Academy. Cynthia Allen, owner and instructor, teaches a well-rounded grooming course with both class and practical time. I found her to be a great instructor!  She was easy to approach with questions and challenged the students to do their best. As a student, you are exposed to many different dogs and learn to groom them to breed standard. I feel I received all the basic bathing and grooming skills I needed to get started on a grooming career. I purchased a used grooming trailer a week after I graduated and started my business right away. That was a year ago. I now have 150 clients and my business continues to grow.  I schedule my hours around my family commitments, get to work with animals, and best of all – I make money doing something I enjoy. The economy may be slow in some areas – but the pet grooming industry continues to grow.”

–Joy Whitcomb

“The Allen’s Dog Grooming School was a great learning experience for me. After graduating I feel very confident in my skills as a groomer and new business owner. I would recommend Allen’s to anyone interested in receiving a top notch grooming education in a warm and friendly environment. Thank you Cynthia and the staff of Allen’s!”

–Mark Wallace

“I came to Allen’s Dog Grooming Academy with nothing more than a dream to run my own business as a dog groomer. The program was very comprehensive covering the skills needed to groom all breeds, the ins and outs of the industry, as well as running a successful grooming business. Upon graduation I had the skills and confidence necessary to start my own mobile dog grooming business.”

–Lynn Yelland, owner of the Dapper Dog

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